• La Tienda Latina Business Accelerator offers the fundamentals necessary to establish and operate a solid retail business. 

    The Latin American Chamber of Commerce offers this course free of charge to entrepreneurs or businesses with at least one year of operation in the retail sector. 

    This program is completely free for entrepreneurs looking to learn more about how to manage a retail business. We invite you to learn more about business operations, finances, licensing and permits, and other topics to grow and formalize your business. 

    This is a 9 week program accompanied with individualized coaching for each participant. The coaching is designed to help participants implement concepts learned throughout the course. 




    • Legal Structure of Companies and Tax Obligations 

    • Financial Training

    • Bussiness Accounting

    • Marketing Strategy

    • Website vs Social Media 

    • E- commerce , Online sales

    • Graduation with Panel of Experts

    • Pitch Bussiness Presentation practice

    • Seed Capital Competition 



  • La Tienda Latina Fall La Tienda Latina Fall

    Last month, we had our graduation ceremony for La Tienda Latina. We invited industry experts to our graduations to share their experiences and words of wisdom with our entrepreneurs.


    During the graduation, we had Hilvic Hernandez, Zone Supervisor of Estafeta USA and Arturo Adonay, Partner and General Manager of Plaza Las Americas. Our guests shared their struggles and achievements as business owners emphasizing that it takes preparation, commitment, resilience, and a lot of financial know-how at the personal and business level to build a successful business. They urged the graduates to remember that the market is not restricted to the Latino community but all community needs. Thank you both for the valuable insights.


    Congratulations to all the graduates.




    La Tienda Latina Seed Capital winners In-House Planners, Maria Fernanda Ramírez and Jenny González @inhouseplanners, event designers, and event planners.

    Their commitment and dedication to our program paid off when these ladies were chosen by a group of local investors and leaders in the community as the winners of La Tienda Latina Capital Semilla Competition. The cash prize of $5,000 was matched by our board member Arturo Adonay from Plaza Las Americas.

    Congratulations!! Great job getting prepared for the pitch!




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