• Joining the Latin American Chamber of Commerce of Georgia means making a positive step toward the growth of your business.

    The LACC Georgia offers its members the following resources:

    1- Membership Benefits:

    • Referrals and Business Exposure
    • Connections and Networking
    • Business Advocacy
    • Educational Programs

    The LACC Georgia strives to meet the needs of local small businesses and the Latino community of Georgia by providing entrepreneurs with skills and programs to start a new commercial venture.

    2 - Ways to get involved

    Here is your opportunity to get involved. This community of entrepreneurs could be your friends, partners, and professional bridges to an unlimited number of possibilities through interaction within the Latino community. It is up to you to get involved in ensuring the successes we have already built as a community.

    • Educational Seminars
    • Networking Programs
    • Social Events

    3- Information

    There is a wealth of information available to all members of the Chamber and the community. The LACC Georgia is proud to research and support the expanding community of entrepreneurs with guidance, advice, and identify the needs of the Latino Business Community.

    Information Resources include:

    • Directories and Publications
    • Web sites
    • Statistics, Reports & Trends
    • Recruiting

    4- Networking

    The LACC Georgia, in response to the needs of our expanding community, has taken a proactive approach to serve the Latino family of entrepreneurs by implementing a series of initiatives that have proven to be relevant and effective with the Community. Our Networking Events not only connect high-spirited establishing businesses but also nurturing small businesses with successful and established companies.

    • Social Mixers
    • Events
    • Educational Initiatives

    5- Knowledge

    The LACC Georgia can give you knowledge and understanding of the community around us. Take the opportunity to learn all the facets of building the skills necessary to be successful.

    Opportunities include:

    • Professional Development
    • Seminars
    • Workshops



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